May 13: Before & After--Gaby's Bathroom


It's hard to depict the evolution of this bathroom in then-and-now pictures without leaving you utterly confused about whether we are, in fact, in the same space. Well, we are. Aaaaand…we're not. You see, two can become one via the sweet, sweet magic of renovation. 

Bound together in purpleness were two separate spaces that collectively functioned as the upper level bathroom. Bathroom Part A, below, had a toilet and corner sink. Part B housed a tub and another, longer sink with a porkchop countertop. 


The old incarnation of the upper floor featured a host of odd bump-outs and extraneous walls, all of which were remedied in the new floorplans. Oh those delicious new floorplans. If I were to describe my excitement on first view of the would-be bathroom--simple, rectangular, functional--I'd liken it to my daughter's reaction if, say, a blue unicorn were to marry a T-Rex and 1000 of their closest unicorn/ dinosaur friends attended the wedding in their sparkliest attire.

Decor-wise? Well, I'm generally not the hugest fan of heavily themed kids' spaces. If I had to describe the way this room feels, I'd say it has a vintage vibe, with a bit of beachiness thrown in via the horizontal tongue-and-groove paneling behind the vanity. The colours are mellow--lots of creamy layers, grounded by taupey-brown 12"x24" porcelain floor tile. Wood-toned accessories such as the shelf and antique Thonet bentwood chair cozy it up, as does the large woven towel basket under the vanity, affectionately dubbed "the breadbasket" by our cabinet designer.

I think the best accessories of all--the ones that lend the most colour and life--are the little green ones. I'll always have plants and flowers in Gaby's bathroom. With the skylight we added up above, they'll be happy here, even on the dreariest of days.


Vintage Thonet pressed seat chair for $59? Yippee!


I just love Emily Winfield Martin's work. This particular print fits my girl to a tee.


And so ends the tour of kiddo's bathroom! I hope she'll like it for years to come and that this space is even one tiny sliver as cool as she is.

A few details:

Cabinetry: James Weedmark
Tile installation: Versa Tile
Carpentry: Frank Vickery, Darwin Kolodziejak
Quartz countertops: Flo Form