Office Progress


At long last, I will soon have an office (yesssssss....) We'll be completing this room in the next week(ish), so please ignore all those gaping ceiling holes crying out for potlights and whatever other unfinished miscellany I'm blissfully overlooking in my picture-posting haste. More photos coming soon. I swear there'll be an actual desk in there somewhere and not just a credenza with a giant, curiously empty wine rack. 

For now, I thought I'd share a few shots of my first prettied-up wall, aka, the shrine wall, which will surely cement my status as a patently uncool mom when this dear three-year old turns 14. Then there will be miniskirts. And skinny boys in big pants coming over to the house. No, no. Not going there today.

I never imagined I'd enjoy hanging art this much, but the world of those immersed in year-long renos is bound to be narrow. To me, dressing walls signifies, with the exclamation point that only a photo of a ruffly-bummed child can make, the end of the truly messy sh*t. Hallelujah to that! 


I leave you to stare into the expressive eyes of my rustic, carved rabbit. At night, during a full moon, he is rumoured to turn into the Monty Python killer bunny, but we think he's sweet anyway. Happy Easter, everyone!