Honey, I Bought a Kumquat

Oh, stop giggling--it's just a word. Besides, I really did buy a kumquat! A tree, that is. Look:


So, why the foray into the mysterious world of lesser-known citrusy fruit? Well, maybe it's the soppy blech of Victoria winters, or the eye-gouging aftermath of the lawn and garden apocalypse that took place around here last year during our reno (we'll be landscaping for a period of, oh, forever), but I've had an unrelenting desire of late to bring a little more green...inside!

First off, I realize I'll have to be a better plant mom than in the past, lest I be stuck growing only cactusesses.es. The truth is, plants scare me a little. They are so finicky and childish that I'm half-expecting a tantrum when I overwater or underfertilize or, say, leave them in a blazing hot sunbeam for two weeks straight. But alas, I can't just tell them to suck it up and stop whining, so I guess the onus is on me to develop better plant-mom habits.

What motivates me is the amazing payoff. Just look at these little green beauties:


During our reno planning, we made sure to allocate plenty of wall space for artwork. So too will we make space--lots and lots of it--for more indoor green.