Hi Again...


An entire five months have passed since I last posted an entry. I wish I could attribute this to laziness. Instead, I'll lay blame on how trying this renovation process has been.

We've been at it for close to a year now. In that time--and in particular, the past six months--I've spent nearly every weekend working on the house (read: away from family); had minimal contact with my close friends; experienced some intense worksite conflict; been through a blitz move to temporary accommodations (thanks for the crash pad, ma & pa); and endured financial stress unlike anything in the past.

Now, at long (LONG) last, we are finally in! There is still work to be done, inside and out, but the house is safe and habitable. What's more, to me, it's beautiful. I'm thankful every day for the amazing core of people who have worked so diligently on this project and helped us move past the bumpy, dusty, roofless times.

Follow along in the coming weeks--I have some crazy before-and-afters to share! Adios, purple wallpaper...hello, home.